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Welcome. We're back. Again...
(Written: 13/03/2020, Updated: 13/03/2020)

Welcome to the website. We are currently rolling out a new version of our web framework here. So... we apologise that functionality and content may be minimal while we iron out some bugs. Please feel free to contact us on the numbers above, or via our Contact Us form in the meantime. Business is ongoing and we look forward to your call. All the best, from Julian Neeves.

We're actually running on a new server, in a new data centre, under new versions of Apache and PHP.

Another good thing - we've finally switched to secure https for web page delivery.
Maybe Google will start to like us a bit more now.

This new version of the site has also been substantially re-engineered for speed.

Our internal testing is now complete and live performance looks good at present. Please let us know if you find any problems with the site.

We would value any comments you care to pass on to us.
Thank you.

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